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I've just come back from holding my second grandchild for the first time.

And just like when I held my first grandson I was left looking into his bright little eyes and wondering what the world held in store for him.

What will he be? will he be a creative like his granddad, practical like his father, bright, sparkling and intelligent like his mother?

No one knows, but if there's one thing for sure; he will be well and truly loved.

Good night Cayleb xxx
Seeing as I've added the Deviant Art link on my blog I think I really should spend more time here, uploading and generally showing what I can do.

So stay tuned and I'll be posting blogs stuff as well as my art and posters
For those interested I have a new webblog comic called Out to Lunch. Its a twice weekly gag cartoon in full colour and it's free to all.

So why not go along and have a look and if you like it, come back again and again and again and..well, you get the picture
Man the worst thing about starting anything new is the fact that you have to spend so much time writing about yourself, filling in forms, designing your layout, getting all the contact detail, that when it comes to posting the actual thing you want to do, which is the art, you usually can't be bothered.

But I hope to keep this updated and build myself a community of artist and none artist friends---I like communities, especially ones that have me in the centre